Concrete Care


Concrete is a strong and very durable material that is built to last! However with added care and attention to your concrete you can maintain an aesthically pleasing look to the surface. Hairline cracking is typically normal in any concrete surface simply due to temperature and shrinkage.

Below are some additional tips in caring for your concrete.

· Do not apply deicing chemicals (salt) for snow and ice removal the first
winter. As an alternative, sand can be used for traction.

· Never use deicers containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium
nitrate (i.e. fertilizers). Such products are known to aggressively attack

· Applying a good quality sealer can protect the surface of your concrete especially decorative concrete. Contact your local ready mix producer or building supply store to purchase a concrete sealer.

· Follow the manufacturer's instructions for sealer application.

· Re-application of the sealer is generally recommended every year.

· For any kind of stain removal, do not use harsh acids. Use a product specifically
designed for the stain in question and for use on concrete.