Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What size/thickness slab is needed?

For your typical concrete slab 4" is all you will need for patios, driveways and walkways.

We want to install a pergola or structure on our new patio, what should I do?

We recommend a footing which is an area where we dig out a 8" x 8" for a post anchor or larger depending on weight and size of structure.

What about your sprinkler system?

We cap sprinklers with a schedule 40 PVC screw cap for sprinkler heads. Any relocations we recommend a local irrigation specialist to be contacted.

What about my HOA?

HOA require a request form to be filled out regarding your patio dimensions and other specifications if applicable. Waiting periods range from 15-45 days

What warranty is offered?

All of our concrete installations come with a standard 1 year warranty. More details on the estimate going over all specifics.